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Ethiopia Blend


This coffee is a blend of top lots from Sidamo and Yirgacheffe growing areas in Ethiopia.




Proceeds from this purchase will help @FOZROAMER and his team of ninjas continue producing fresh content for the overland community as well as outdoorsy coffee aficionados.

It all started when I wanted a vehicle that was capable enough to get me far into the backcountry for outdoor adventures but at the same time was a dependable daily driver with good highway manners. I come from a backpacking and hiking background and was just simply looking for a rig that could get me to the trailheads and at the same time be a great daily driver.  As my partner and I began taking more extended trips alone, further into the backcountry, we started to realize the importance of being prepared and self sufficient. A few years later my Subaru Forester has transformed into a very unique self sufficient adventure rig that is capable of spending extended periods of time in remote places.  I have traveled thousands of miles along the entire west coast up to Canada and across the southern portions of the US.  We travel through all parts of the year with fall and winter seasons being our favorite.  The exposure this build has brought me and the friends I have made along the way have been simply humbling.  From being a featured rig on Expedition Portal to being able to work with amazing companies like Overland Coffee Company, the ride has been simply unforgettable.

I am a huge coffee geek and was amazed that I would have the opportunity to be working with a passionate company that would not only allow me to help fund some my travels but also allow me to indulge deeper into my obsessions with coffee.  I am a coffee lover who uses pretty much every brewing method available on the market.  Overland Coffee Company has allowed me to learn the entire coffee process from start to finish.  From sourcing, to roasting, and having the ability to select styles based on my personal palette. I worked closely with OCC in selecting a palate that would reflect my personal tastes which favors a lighter body, citrusy, fruit forward style roast.  After a few iterations and samples of various roasting methods I think we nailed it in regards to the flavor profile and body of this tasty Ethiopian sourced coffee bean.  I hope you guys enjoy the coffee and I really appreciate the support. 

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